Who are these Women with Time to Clip & Sort “Freakin’” Coupons ???

Do you start a lot of projects and have a lot of uncompleted job, tasks and projects all over your house and office?

  •  half-knit sweaters stuffed in closets
  • 7 books with bookmarks in various places
  • clothes in the washer that don’t make it into the dryer
  • return 10 of 20 emails and get side tracked, never to finish
  • paint part of the deck and pledge to finish before the season is out
  • weed half the garden, and it grows back before you get to the other half [click to continue…]

laundrySad Disclaimer: This is not my washer and dryer.

I wish they were. I’ve wished really hard. I talk to them when I’m in Home Depot (as my husband walks away acting like he doesn’t know the poor woman who talks to appliances in public places). I covet them, even though I know that coveting is a sin. Someday, they will be mine… but for now, I must be happy with using their pic in my post. [click to continue…]

label  makerIn my organizational life (my home life, my office life, my hobby life), there are two tools that I couldn’t live without: a label maker and a shredder. Today I will pay homage to my label maker.

Labeling devices are inexpensive ways to neatly label and organize virtually everything and anything. From spice jars in your kitchen to computer hardware, labels from label makers are durable and will adhere to virtually any surface. There are also labels that iron on to cloth, and most labels won’t mar surfaces when removed. [click to continue…]

coupons7aaWho are these women with time on their hands to sit around clipping, sorting and alphabetizing coupons?  I’ve seen the super couponing shows… they scour the neighborhood for coupon flyers.  They cut every single one out.  They sort them by store, and product, and value, and expiration date.  They buy cute coupon holders and have binders full of these precious pieces of paper lined up on shelves in their kitchen.  They have a calendar keeping track of sales at the three closest supermarket chains and at Walmart, prominently on display on the refrigerator. They attend all of the sales at all of these stores. Most are stay-at-home moms and most have a stockpile of non-perishable foods (actually, I don’t believe there really is such a thing and totally non-perishable and tend to pay attention to expiration dates) and paper goods in their basements that could feed and care for a family of six for two years. [click to continue…]

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